Three exhibitions to see in New York this weekend

Nancy Kenny, Margaret Carrigan and Victoria Stapley-Brown | The Art Newspaper, 28 March 2019

The Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck’s hushed grey world—always modelled so realistically, but with a surreal twist—has infiltrated Marianne Boesky Gallery in the solo exhibition Staging Silence (3) (until 6 April). The exhibition takes its name from the new film presented alongside watercolours and sculptures, including a fantastical life-sized sculpture of a little girl sleeping in a bed in the artist’s typical grey palette, surrounded by a pond with water-lilies. Take the full 44 minutes to watch Staging Silence (3), a bizarre, surreal, whimsical black-and-white film, set to an original score by Scanner that adds to the dreamlike quality. It begins with a fluffy cat hopping off of a crumpled white duvet, which then morphs into mountains with the help of two human hands. Miniatures, from tiny trees to library shelves, are added and removed by these hands to stage scenes, from a tiny basketball court to a desolate, barren landscape. In one of the most charming moments, a backyard summer scene becomes winter as the hands pipe toothpaste along a swing-set—but we will not spoil the warm ending.