Location (5)Sculptural Installation, 2004. Mixed media, Sound, 12 × 24 × 4.20 m

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A life-sized installation in monochrome paint is entered through a stairwell leading to a restaurant that spans a motorway. Walking past the counter and the kitchen, the spectator goes to sit at one of the tables. A nighttime scene of a motorway stretching into the distance, lit by orange road lighting, can be seen through the huge windows. The illusion is achieved by raising the road surface by a 9-degree angle and distorting the perspective as it moves towards the horizon; the lighting masts decrease from four metres to only forty centimetres, thereby creating an illusion of a view that goes on forever.

From April 2008 onward, Location (5) will be permanently installed at the new Towada Art Center, Japan.

Hans Op de Beeck