Night TimeAnimated Film, 19'20", 2015. 19 minutes 20 seconds, Black-and-White, Sound, Full HD Video

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‘Night Time’ is an animated film, monochromatic, full of shadows, with no text, based on a series of large black and white watercolours. The nocturnal is a palpable presence in the natural and urban landscapes, the buildings, interiors and characters that bring the film to tenebrous life.

‘Night Time’ is conceived as a mysterious dream in which proportions, perspectives and environments are all fictitious. Intimate close-ups segue into panoramic images and vive versa, each image manifests a meticulously crafted construction. The film has a restful rhythm, but is also latent with the dissipation typical of the hours of darkness.

Classic and distinctly contemporary subjects follow one another: the dream, the sleep, the underworld, the exploding postmodern metropolis, sexuality, tattoo culture, refined traditions of dress, rituals, ageing, partying, death... The film is a mix of both the highly cultivated and the raw subcultural.

‘Night Time’ is a slow, perception-oriented film. Looking between the lines of the image there’s much to discover about the night and its hidden life.

Hans Op de Beeck