The Amusement ParkSculptural Installation, 2015. Mixed media, Sound

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‘The Amusement Park’ is a monumental installation covering 240 square metres. The viewer, seated in an enclosed space and gazing through a large window, can contemplate an infinite, nocturnal landscape in which are the vestiges of an entirely fictitious amusement park.
The place is deserted, covered in snow. Nothing moves. Everything is closed. The carousel, the fairground booth, the ferris wheel, the roller coaster – all completely still.
Directly in front of us is a small caravan with the light on inside. In front of it a campfire smoulders. It’s as if the deserted amusement park is inhabited by a lone occupant, an individual invisible to us.
Composer Tom Pintens created a beguiling soundscape for this immersive installation.

Hans Op de Beeck