The ThreadVideo, 15'30", 2015. Looped, Colour, Sound, Full HD video

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The film ‘The Thread’ follows two punk puppets, an Asian boy and a Caucasian girl, as they play out their sober love story. Like the puppets in Japanese Bunraku theatre, Hans Op de Beeck’s characters are almost life-sized and are operated almost choreographically by anonymous puppeteers in black from head to toe as they enact their dramatic tale.
There are no words in the film; everything is expressed by suggestion in a tender boy-meets-girl story reduced to its essence. Half way through, we see their first kiss, only to realise, as their lips part, that sixty years have passed. The film ends with the death of one puppet in the lap of the other, released by the puppeteers and therefore lifeless.
As befits the Bunraku tradition, the film tells a tragic love story that reflects on death and loss.

Hans Op de Beeck